About Us

Assalamualaikum to all Muslim around the world.

We would like to introduce our e-trading portal selling selected kind of halal products used in our daily life such as foods, cosmetics, medicine, healthcare or any others Halal products from Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore for Muslim and none Muslim around the world.

We are not selling frozen or heavy canned products. Our focus is more on halal products in packet which light, easy, safe to deliver and legally certified by legal authority from each country involved.

This site managed by Malaysian Muslim located in Malaysia and we will try our best to add more and more product soon as we can.  At this moment, we have few categories of product which can be found at OUR PARENT PAGE link.

Visit us to view our range of products listed for the product you are interested to buy and you’ll be pointing to our shopping cart for further ordering process. You no need to make any payment until we notice you via email for confirmation.  After received your confirmation and payment, your order will depart from our store within 24 hours after accordingly.

If you need any other product not in our list, or if you are the producer of Halal goods from any part of this world and like to list in, you’re warmly welcome and please write to me at;

or just ring to my number +60135266000.

For those had visit my page and have something to ask or to suggest on development or improvement, I am always open my eye, ear, heart and mind for you.

Thanks you for your support and May God bless you for the good things you have done and forgive all of us for our past bad thing done.

“Halal is not just about food, but is the way of Muslim daily life should be..”


Don’t forget to spell out to somebody if you feel this will benefits them.



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